CESPE's team


CESPE's research team includes social sciences specialists, especially sociologists and social workers.

CESPE cooperates with the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Sociology and Social Work) and other research institutes of the Romanian Academy: the Institute of Sociology, the Research Institute for Quality of Life. CESPE is affiliated to the Romanian Social Institute.


Director: Prof. PhD Radu Baltasiu

Chief Accountant: Claudia Apostol

Coordinator of Research Department: PhD Ovidiana Bulumac

Research department:
PhD. Mihail Ungheanu
Ovidiu Solomon
Augustin Poenaru
Janina Micu

External collaborators:
PhD. Cristinel Pantelimon
PhD. Emil Tircomnicu
PhD. Corina Pantelimon
PhD. Andreea Acasandre
PhD. Alexandru Dutu
Samira Pusca
Diana Goaga

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